Seán Francis George recently played the romantic lead as Danny in the movie Shadower to be released in 2010 directed by Denny Day and shot in Oklahoma USA. 

Seán's early acting career started within historical documentaries. He has portrayed many historical figures such as William Wallace, Hannibal, Buribsta and The Emperor Gallienus.

In 2004 Seán acted in the BBC1 prime time series Historyonics, written and presented by Nick Knowles. Seán played many characters over the six part series, such as Lord Stanley, conspiritor Jack Wright, a Roman mounted Messenger and other amusing characters.

Since the year 2000, Seàn has been working in the entertainment industry. With a background is in stunt performance shows, playing various characters roles. He has achieved Jousting, choreographed sword-fighting, unarmed combat, along with martial arts skills.

Download Seán's CV here Sean_George_CV.pdf

Download Seán's Headshot here Sean1.pdf

Seán Francis George - Showreel
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